Equal Justice Residents

From September 2017 through July 2018, SFAI programming will explore Equal Justice and the following questions within the context of of the residency:

  • How can art be used to engage systems of power and foster social and racial equity?
  • How can community action creatively address accountability and responsibility for equal justice within legal, financial, and social systems?
  • How can creative practices bear witness and give testimony to those who suffer injustice, and in the process help to transform systems of structural oppression?

Residency awardees were evaluated on the following criteria: engagement with the Equal Justice theme, the creative excellence of the application, the applicant’s personal and professional merit, the applicant’s potential for professional development through access to a sponsored residency, their capacity to grow through risk-taking new work, and the potential for their proposed project to effect tangible positive social change in marginalized and oppressed communities.


At SFAI, we are artists, innovative thinkers and engaged citizens. We cultivate creative leadership and invest in community, culture, and place to re-imagine a more equitable world.

SFAI implements yearlong thematic programing that addresses pertinent questions facing diverse regional and global communities. By hosting residencies for creative practitioners, fostering partnerships with regional cultural and educational organizations, and integrating social entrepreneurial and education initiatives, SFAI aspires to transform Santa Fe into a hub for positive social change that reflects the greatest needs of our times.

Adele Balderston www.88blockwalks.com
Aditya Rawal
Alicia Inez Guzmán www.aliciainezguzman.com
Ann Janette Lewis www.annlew.is
Ato Ribeiro www.atoribeiroart.com
Bruce McKaig www.thisplacehasavoice.info
Cara Levine www.caralevine.com
Celeste De Luna www.celestedeluna.com
Chelsea Weathers www.chelseaweathers.com
Christina Houle www.christina-sukhgian-houle.squarespace.com
Community Supported Wellness Collective www.suomfrancis.org
Confluence Collective www.ahnirocheleau.com
Crista Ann Ames & Aja Mujinga Sherrard www.cristaannames.com
Cyndie Bellen-Berthézène www.timeinkids.org
Cynthia E. Smith www.cooperhewitt.org/channel/by-the-people
Darice Polo www.daricepolo.com
Deborah Koenker grapes & tortillas vimeo
Deirdre McDonald
Eileen Shaughnessy & Cathy Rowsome www.eileenshaughnessy.com
Ekene Ijeoma www.ekeneijeoma.com
Eliza Myrie www.elizamyrie.com
Elizabeth “Oscar” Maynard www.countrycounterculture.com
Eva Rocha www.evarocha.com
Feminist Art Museum
Fran Osborne www.franosborne.com
Gabriel Sosa www.gabrielsosa.com
Gaëtane Cummings www.gaetanecummings.com
Gil Arnaud Ngole
Glynn Burroughs Cartledge
Heidi Boisvert  www.heidiboisvert.com
Israel Haros Lopez www.bordercanto.wordpress.com
Jackie Munro www.jackiemunro.com
Jacqueline C. J. Barnes www.jc-jb.com
Jaimie Page Brill
Janet Rogers www.facebook.com/poetlaureatevictoria
Jay Critchley www.jaycritchley.com
Jess Zimbabwe
Jessica Lawless www.jessicalawless.net
Jody Wood www.jodywoodart.com
Kate Daughdrill & Bel Falleiros www.burnsidefarmdetroit.com
La Pocha Nostra www.pochanostra.com
Marco Castro-Bojorquez www.elcantodelcolibri.com
Maria Melendez Kelson www.mariakelson.com
Marjorie Beaucage www.vimeo.com/marjoriebeaucage
Mercedes Dorame www.mercedesdorame.com
Michael Koliner www.michaelkoliner.com
Michelle Angela Ortiz www.michelleangela.com
Niomi Fawn www.niomifawn.com
Nyame Oulynji Brown
Omar Jevdat Sakr www.omarsakr.com
Outposts of Resistance www.outpostsofresistance.net
Paula Castillo
Peggy Diggs www.peggydiggs.net
Pod Liminal www.vanessakwan.com
Quenna Lene Barrett www.theblackmeinmedia.wordpress.com
Raheleh (Minoosh) Zomorodinia www.rahelehzomorodinia.com
Robert García www.cityprojectca.org
Rosa Naday Garmendia www.rosanadaygarmendia.com
Sabine Mirlesse www.sabinemirlesse.com
Sandra Paola López Ramírez www.sandrapaolalopez.com
Sara Madandar www.saramadandar.com
Sarah Dahnke www.sarahdahnke.com
Sarah Schulman www.actuporalhistory.org
Sarah Shotland www.wordswithoutwalls.com
Scott Davis
Shanna Merola www.shannamerola.virb.com
Shaun Leonardo www.elcleonardo.com
Shelbie Loomis www.shelbieloomis.com
Soulaf Abas www.soulafabas.com
Speaking Fruit www.farrahmariemiranda.com
Stephanie Dinkins www.stephaniedinkins.com
Storycatchers Theatre www.storycatcherstheatre.org
Tamara Ann Burgh www.tamaraburgh.com
Tan Qian Yi, Moses www.mosestanqy.com
Testify:Indigenous Laws + the Arts Collective www.testifyindigenous.ca
Tiger Toe Radical Recess www.postrequisite.com
Tobacco Brown www.tobacco-brown.squarespace.com
Touchstone Collaborations www.touchstonecollaborations.com
Veena Vasista www.seeandconnect.com
Veronica Jackson www.jacksondesigngroup.com
Wesley Fawcett Creigh www.wesleyfawcettcreigh.com